How Direct Primary Care compares to traditional care

The current Fee-for-Service model

  • Insurance companies dictate the way physicians practice medicine
  • Need for extensive and repetitive documentation
  • Increased overhead expenses due to billing and documentation
  • Doctors and staff spend excessive amounts of time complying with insurance company requirements, taking away from time spent with the patient

What is Direct Primary Care?

  • The provision of comprehensive primary care and preventive services
  • Follows the “Marcus Welby, M.D.” approach to patient care
    • Focus is on the patient
    • Allows for unrushed and longer patient visits
    • Patients receive personal quality time
    • Increased patient accessibility/reduced wait times
  • Dr. works for and is accountable to the patient, not the insurance company

Advantages of Direct Primary Care

  • Addresses the majority of your health care needs
  • Allows patients to seek less expensive insurance coverage
  • Insurance coverage can be limited to hospitalizations, surgeries, specialty care, prescriptions, diagnostic testing, but not primary care services

Comparison to Concierge Medicine

Concierge Practices

  • Charge “access fee” for non-covered services
  • Access fees range from $1,600 – $2,000/year
  • Insurance is billed for each visit – still in the fee for service environment

Direct Primary care Practices

  • Fees cover access and all primary care costs
  • No insurance billing
  • More affordable
  • Shown to Improve health outcomes and lower cost of care

Costs for Eagle Direct Primary care

Yearly fees are payable in full upon joining or in three consecutive monthly payments. Rates are effective July 2023. Please call to verify current rates. Rates are as follows:

Yearly Costs, one payment by Credit Card

Adult Patients $1500

Yearly Costs, one payment by Cash or Check

Adult Patients $1425

Yearly Costs, three consecutive monthly payments by Credit Card

Adult Patients three payments of $500

Psychiatric Care only

Dr. Orr is able to see patients on a fee-for-service basis for treating a variety of psychiatric disorders (i.e.  Depression, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, etc.) if they choose not to join Eagle DPC.  However if they join the DPC, this service will of course be covered as part of their DPC plan and there would be no additional fee above the normal DPC annual fee.


Frequently asked questions about Eagle Direct Primary Care.

How to Get Started

See our contact page for phone number, address, and contact form.  Our new-patient agreement can be downloaded here:  EDPC Patient Agreement