What our patients are saying

registered nurse for 38 years

I have been a registered nurse for 38 years and have worked closely with physicians in a variety of settings, and of course have observed physician care delivered to patients, family members, and experienced it first hand as a patient. Like most patients, I rely heavily on the skill and expertise of my primary care physician. Of equal importance is the personal relationship a patient builds with their primary care physician.  I frankly have never encountered a family physician who makes himself so available to his patients; he even gives out his personal cell phone number and  actually answers when you call!   During office visits his attention is entirely focused on you, the patient, and the appointment never feels rushed.  While these interpersonal attributes are important, they would mean nothing if the physician lacked the requisite skill and knowledge to provide good primary care medicine. Dr. Orr is the complete package combining both skill and compassion.

by RCK on Dec 9, 2009

This Doctor and medical staff are concerned professionals. The office staff are four star for accurate caring communication, scheduling, and fielding follow-up questions for patients.

Jul 1, 2010

I’m a middle aged adult that has ADHD and can be anxious at times. I have been on medication for about 15 years of my life but two years ago I ended up starting to gain weight from it. My then current doctor changed over to some new medications which seemed to work but after a couple of months I found it hard to stay awake and was nodding off during the day. That doctor ended up sending me to other doctors which ended up sending me for sleep studies and down different paths including seeing dietitians.

My employer finally convinced me to go see Dr. Orr. After he reviewed my case 20 minutes he said that I was experiencing a side effect of the drug the other doctor had prescribed and that by simply changing to this different one I should notice a difference. Within 2 days all of my problems went away. What a difference! 2 years of aggravation fixed in only 20 minutes! I would recommend him to anyone hands down!

Aug 6, 2010

Great doctor and diagnostician. Dr. Orr spends the time necessary to really figure out the problem. He changed my life because of the time he took with me. I never recommend anything to anyone…. Except for him.

Nov 16, 2010

A friend mentioned that she saw Dr. Orr and found him to be very helpful. I was getting frustrated with my current doctor so I decided to meet him. He has a separate building just for his office. The staff are very professional, pleasant and helpful. Dr. Orr made a great impression on me and I have continued to see him. I just had a physical exam and I was taken aback at the time he spent during that visit. The ONLY thing you should know is he has his constant companion-a springer spaniel who comes and goes. So the worst that can happen is you get a few dog hairs on you. Thanks Dr. Orr. Please note: I am not a relative or friend of anyone in this office.

by Roseanne on Aug 14, 2013

Excellent doctor and would refer him to all my friends and relative. He will spend as much time that is need and listen to you.

by Josh W on Dec 2, 2013

I’ve been going to Dr. Orr’s office (Eagle Family Medicine) for a few years now, and I’m very pleased with my experience. Dr. Orr has experience in a lot of fields, and is always available in case something urgent comes up. The other doctor at his practice, Dr. Rutolo, is also very knowledgeable. Very kind and friendly office staff as well.

by Roseanne on Nov 28, 2014

Dr. Orr is an excellent physician. I am a patient of Dr. Orr for 2 yrs now and he will listen to your problem and help you to figure out what is going on with your symptoms. This is the first time that will take the time with you and not rush you out of the office in 15 minutes. I refer Dr. Orr to several of my friends and family and they all like him. The staff are very friendly and always very helpful. There are not many physician who will tell you to call him after he starts you on a new medications just in case you have any side effects from the medication. Excellent Physician!!!!